How to Pay Bill Using Jompay – Astro Bill, TM Unifi, TNB, Utility Bills

how to pay utility bill online using jompay

how to pay utility bill online using jompay

JomPay is the initiative that is backed by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to make the process of paying bills online to thousands of registered billers easily accesible, fast and can be a huge time, resources and money saver. Using JomPay, one can pay utility bills online such as Astro bill, TM Unifi bill, TNB bill, water bill or any other bills swiftly and in very convenient way.

Follow this short and quick guide on how to pay bills easily using JomPay.

JomPay Biller Codes – Astro, TM Unifi, TNB, Digi, Maxis, Celcom

Firstly, before using JomPAY you need to know the Biller Codes. Click the button below to get the JomPAY Biller Codes.

Here are the most common JomPAY Biller Codes :

  • 9639 – Astro
  • 9217 – Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd
  • 8888 – TM Unifi
  • 1016 – Digi Postpaid
  • 5454 – Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  • 2881 – Celcom
  • 1123 – Maxis
  • 4200 – Syabas
  • 34975 – PTPTN Pinjaman Ujrah
  • 96933 – PTPTN Pinjaman Konvensional

How to Pay Bill Using JomPay – Cimb Clicks Method

jompay cimb clicks

Example; here is how to pay Digi bills using JomPay Cimb Clicks, Biller Code (1016).

Ref-1 refers to account number of the bill holder.

Ref-2 refers to bill number atau invoice number.

How to Pay Bill Using JomPay – Maybank2u Method

cara bayar jompay maybank2u

You can also repeat the same way to use JomPAY with any other online banking platform in Malaysia such as Maybank2U and others.

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