How to Shop on (US) and Ship to Malaysia (2021)

cara beli barang amazon pos ke malaysia

how to shop on amazon and ship to malaysia

In the past few years, I’ve been getting massive traffic for my article on how to shop online on Shopee, how to buy stuff from Lazada Malaysia, and how to buy from Taobao China every time when there’s an online shopping season like 11.11, Black Friday, and 12.12. At the same time, I am also getting a lot of requests on how to shop on Amazon US and ship to Malaysia.

I am an customer since 2015, and here is my guide on how to buy on and ship to Malaysia, what is the accepted payment method on Amazon and some tips on delivery cost from Amazon US to Malaysia. Complete with tonnes of screenshots. This guide (how to shop on Amazon) is also available in Malay.


How to Buy on US and Ship to Malaysia

So what’s the big deal about when there are already Shopee and Lazada platform for Malaysia online shopping addicts? 

Well for starters,, Shopee MY, Lazada MY are all giant online e-commerce marketplace. But, the majority of sellers and suppliers are located in the US. Unlike Shopee and Lazada which the majority of the sellers are located in Malaysia and China (for overseas sellers). 

You can buy a lot of items that are only available in the US and marketplace which is not available in Shopee or Lazada. Or even there are, the price will be different. 

amazon fire tv malaysia

Amazon Ecosystem products are very popular among consumers worldwide: Get Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Fire HD Tablet dan Amazon Fire Stick.

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For a limited time only, Amazon offers Amazon Music Unlimited – FREE 3 MONTHS Subscription! Stream thousands of high-quality music in similar experiences like Spotify and Apple Music. Click to try now.

Usually, buying items on Amazon is expensive due to currency exchange (USD vs MYR). But during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year, there’s usually a huge price discount and massive markdown on the price of items sold on Amazon. Based on my past experiences buying during Black Friday, the price differences and savings are huge and it makes sense to import from the US and pay the extra shipping fees and other costs.

How to Sign Up New Account

cara daftar akaun amazon

To get started on Amazon, you need to sign up new Amazon account by clicking the button below. And then, enter your local address in Malaysia for delivery purposes.

How to Shop on

cara beli amazon malaysia

Now you’re free to browse millions of item on the Amazon catalog!

For this guide, I am using this product as an example: Google Pixel 2 XL (Renewed) with Amazon Warranty.

This item is eligible for shipping to Malaysia as noted in the top right in the above screenshot. Next, I will add this item to cart and proceed to checkout.

Setup Amazon Shipping Adresss to Malaysia

cara beli barang di amazon

Next, choose your shipping options, and make sure to key in your correct home/office delivery address. You can choose a delivery option between AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping (5-10 business days) or Express – AmazonGlobal Prority Shopping (2-5 business days). Payment Method for Malaysian Users

amazon credit card payment malaysia accepts multiple payment methods for Malaysian users such as VISA, Mastercard dan American Express (AMEX) credit card. You also can choose to pay in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) or USD (US Dollar) if your credit card or debit card supports such payment. 

airasia bigpay card

Recommended: Airasia Bigpay Debit Card is a great choice for online shopping in Malaysia and overseas platform such as Amazon and Ebay. Easy to use, great exchange rate, user-friendly smartphone app available.

Download Bigpay app on App Store or Play Store and sign up today using invite code QBUCQY9WYL and get RM10 free credit. Your shiny brand new BigPay debit card will soon be delivered by postage in the next few days, usually in less than 1 week.

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Amazon will display the total price that you need to pay including item price, import fees deposit, shipping & handling fees, and tax (if applicable).

You can choose to pay in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and the applicable exchange rate. Usually, the exchange rate on Amazon is much much higher than the current exchange rate. malaysia

Here is an example of choosing between USD and MYR as payment currency on $243.72 vs RM1078.84. Maybank2U Online Banking Malaysia

At the start of 2020, I noticed that now supports Malaysia online banking as a payment method – but only Maybank2U and Public Bank are available, for now. To pay using Maybank2U or Public Bank on Amazon, click checkout, select method: Bank Transfer and proceed to use Maybank2U or Public Bank. 

amazon online banking malaysia

This payment method is very similar to your typical online banking payment on Shopee or Lazada. For Cimbclicks users, please tell Cimb to support payment as well. maybank2u payment

This payment method is godsent for Malaysian users that want to shop on the Amazon platform but didn’t possess a credit card. Also, you instantly get to see the final price in Malaysian Ringgit without waiting for banks to charge on your credit card. Import Fees Deposit Malaysia

Important note: Amazon charges extra import fees deposit when you choose to ship physical items from US to Malaysia.

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Amazon will refund back Import fees deposit if the amount that they need to pay to customs for item clearance is lower than what custom charges. Usually, the process will occur in 60 days. 

Protip: Always do bulk purchases if you decided to buy on Amazon and ship to Malaysia to save on delivery costs and import fees deposits. Ask your friends, family to place an order in one purchase and combine shipping and distribute the extra fees with them.

How to Buy on And Ship to Malaysia Using Forwarder

google pixel 4 xl amazon malaysia

One of the most frustrating experiences when shopping on Amazon is encountering (This item does not ship to Malaysia). 

For example, you are buying Google Pixel 4 XL which cost $699 (~RM2950) $200 off on Black Friday). The same item Pixel 4 XL, in Malaysia, it costs RM4099  for 64GB model. Massive difference.

If you are eager to get the items, worry no more, there’s some solution out there which is been used for years. Forwarder to Malaysia!

amazon forwarder malaysia


There are many forwarder companies that able to ship your item from Amazon, eBay, Bhphoto, Walmart, Bestbuy, and many others to local addresses in Malaysia. Provided you are willing to pay the extra shipping charges and processing fees.

Buy item on Amazon → select virtual address forwarder → forwarder collect the items from the virtual address → calculate shipping cost to Malaysia → ship items to Malaysia → local courier partner delivery items to buyer’s local address in Malaysia.

One of these forwarders gave me a virtual address di Ohio, United States when all my life has been living in Malaysia. 

Got questions on how to shop on Amazon US and ship to Malaysia ? Drop comments below and I’ll try to reach to you soon. This guide (how to shop on Amazon) is also available in Malay.

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